Worldwide packers and movers is one the trusted names in providing secure and reliable warehousing services in Bangalore. Our well trained team members know each and every mechanism to handle goods or materials. Every steps should be followed by us which involves receiveing of goods from the customers. Our dedicated or shared warehousing services included bonded warehousing, through which Bangalore packers and movers service provider stores dutiable goods and manages all the necessary customers regulations on the behalf of clients during the period of storage.

When in storage, goods may be repacked and consolidated, depending on customer requirements. We have got all your storage and warehousing needs covered also our warehousing and storage facilities maintain the highest hygiene standards which are suitable for the storage of foodstuffs and for other our services. We have spacious room available for storage so that goods safely store.

Functions of warehousing followed by worldwide packers and movers

  • Storage of goods - The basic function of warehouses is to store large stock of goods. These goods are stored from the time of their production or purchase till their consumption or use.

  • Protection of goods - A warehouse provides protection of goods from loss or damage due to heat, dust, wind and moisture, etc. It makes special arrangements for different products according to their nature. It cuts down losses due to spoilage and wastage during storage.

  • Risk bearing - Warehouses take over the risks incidental to storage of goods. Once goods are handed over to the warehouse-keeper for storage, the responsibility of these goods passes on to the warehouse-keeper. Thus, the risk of loss or damage to goods in storage is borne by the warehouse keeper. Since it is bound to return the goods in good condition, the warehouse becomes responsible for any loss, theft or damage, etc. Thus, it takes all precautions to prevent any mishap.

  • Processing - Certain commodities are not consumed in the form they are produced. Processing is required to make them consumable. For example, paddy is polished, timber is seasoned, and fruits are ripened, etc. Sometimes warehouses also undertake these activities on behalf of the owners.

  • Transportation - In some cases warehouses provide transport arrangement to the bulk depositors. It collects goods from the place of production and also sends goods to the place of delivery on request of the depositors.

Now a days warehouse is one of the important. So that items should be safe and ready to ship at any time. We worldwide packers and movers are here to assist you for this services. Our warehouses are very well equipped and our team members are always ready to the needful at any time so that we can take care of your goods with high safety.