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Packing Moving

Star Relocation Packers and Movers is committed to moving you in a way that is designed to suit you. Our flexible packing options offer you a variety of choice and value for money. Moving home is said to be one of the most stressful things we ever do, yet we're obsessed with moving - the average Professional moves several times in their lifetime, so there's a good chance that you'll run into Worldwide Packers and Movers at some stage! As the largest removals company in the country, our crews get through packing cartons, enough bubble wrap.

we Offer :

  • Pack up your belongings
  • Unpack all your cartons and take away the rubbish
  • Organise removal, storage and insurance quotes
  • Logically set up your kitchen, pantry and cupboards
  • Colour coordinate your linen cupboard
  • Make your beds and organise your wardrobes
  • Sort out your bathroom and laundry areas
  • Arrange your furniture and style your home
  • Stock your fridge and even arrange dinner for your first night.

Owner packed service
If you choose to pack your small items into cartons yourself, Worldwide Packers and Movers will supply the packing materials to assist you.

Fragile pack service
Worldwide Packers and Movers will supply you with packing materials to pack most items yourself, and a professional packing crew will safely pack your kitchen china, glasswear, mirrors, pictures and ornaments.

Full packing service
A Worldwide Packers and Movers moving team will safely pack everything in your home. This is a convenient service designed to save you time and effort.

Flexible services
If you need to mix and match these services, please speak to your move consultant so Worldwide Packers and Movers can plan a move around your specific needs.

Office Relocation

One of India'slargest, best equipped and most experienced Packers & Movers organisations, Worldwide Packers and Movers
. specilises in servicing the needs of today's demanding corporate market.
Worldwide Packers and Movers. responds to the needs of our corporate clients nationwide, with a dedication that delivers exemplary service. Our high standards of personalised care are distringuished by experience, efficiency and expertise.

lanning ahead is the best way to ensure your office moving day goes smoothly, so Chess Moving has composed an office checklist to help you prepare your office resources for relocation to their new site.

Contact your nearest Worldwide Packers and Movers. office or E-mail us for further advice and quotation.

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