Insurance is a must especially when you are at long distance home shifting.It is an important tool to protect your goods which is being packed and moved by the packers and movers. Worldwide packers and movers believe in satisfyig our customers from each and every corner and we know that packing moving insurance of goods is all important for the satisfaction of customers so here we provide insurance coverage for all packing moving items to be relocated.

Worldwide packers and movers prime concern is that any damage to your items occurred due to natural calamity, accidental occurrence should not bother you. We perform all the essential formalities on the behalf of packers and movers customers to save their valuable time. We are dedicated to give our customers complete satisfaction on their relocation. We take extreme care of goods while packing, moving, loading, unoading, transportation and unpacking to avoid any type of damage.

Our packing moving insurance services protect your goods for a single item damage or lose. Our team is expertise in handling these types of services with professional and modernized methods. Whole aggrement of insurance identification, paper and customer certificate should be taken by us and we will complete all the necessary details so that customer time should be save.

Type of Insurance offered by Worldwide Packers and Movers

  • Transit insurance – Transit insurance protects you from any damage during transit or transportation. This means damage caused to your good during transportation. If there is damage while loading and unloading you would not get compensated for that if you opted transit insurance. Transit insurance premium comes to 1.2% on declared value. Here the compensation towards damages are paid only if the vehicle meets with an accident.

  • All inclusive insurance – This insurance covers damages during entire packing and shifting. So if there is a damaged due to human error whole loading and unloading you can ask for a claim. Premium of all inclusive insurance is around 3%. Here the compensation is paid or any damages except for scratches. In case cover is required for glassware and crockery’s this has to be specified and a small additional premium paid.

Insurance Policies offered by worldwide packers and movers

  • Specific Policy – this policy issued for a specific transit. The coverage under the policy will cease of completion of transit contemplated.
  • Open Policy – This policy is intended to cover inland movement of consignments for specified period of time which is usually one year.

What operations does the policy apply

  • Air Movements
  • Sea Movements
  • Road Movements
  • Rail Movements


Moving insurance is very important to protect the safety of your goods. It’s not a good idea to ignore moving insurance. Imagine if anything goes wrong, you will be completely lost and it hardly cost anything. Just 1.5 % of the overall declared value is nothing if you look at it. If you are planning to relocate your household stuff, make sure you to engage with professional packers and movers and insist on insuring your goods. It does not make sense to move without transit or all inclusive insurance.